What's new with the band...?

I get asked this a great deal: What's new with STB?  Well, the short answer is...a bit of this, a bit of that....

The long answer is, however...well...longer. After Ides of October (Oct. 2017) we saw a significant upswing in the amount of shows we booked, and we sort of rode that out for an entire year...just enjoying the fun of playing. Additionally, I found myself in the role of brand-new husband and stepdad to a family with 4 teenage short-people (children). Oh, and my new bride apparently likes OTHER kids, too. These even shorter short-people, to whom we have no express responsibility, flock to our house in droves to dance on the ashes of my sanity. Every other weekend there is what appears to be a small Cub Scout camp going on in my den...toy trains, weird 'educational' board games, crying, pooping(verb), and some weird cartoon about insane and seemingly immortal rabbits.....our local juicer's kid thinks it's the funniest thing ever. 

As you may have guessed, though, I love it. We have two out in college now, and that leaves the other two at home for me to deal with. Fourteen(her) and seventeen(him), they make a feller fantasize about an extended Asian tour sometimes! But we always hang together when we can, and I am proud to be associated with them. The man/child is 6' 4" or so these days, and seems to believe he is no longer a short-person. The Baby Girl, for such is her title, is threatening to join me at the six foot mark, but still likes to be carried by whomever is available.  Add in the one responsible for my plight (the new bride I mentioned), and you'll agree that I have plenty to be getting along with. But...as I tell the family all the time....I'm a dad, and I love this job :)

But my other job is important, too. It's my job to play music. Much like my Dad job, this job is one that I deeply love. It has it's own little family; Ed, the professor and our own personal music teacher; Shawty, the heart of the band and the coolest of cool; and you guys....the fans and friends we have made are a blessing not easily expressed in words. But we always strive to express our gratitude in our shows and through every song we write. We want our music to help you when you need a pick me-up, and to reach for you when you need a hand up. We rejoice in your happiness, and we sympathize with your suffering, and we hope you can hear that in our songs. So, we will of course be eternally working on that. The next months will be filled with work on our 3rd album, and we are excited to show off the tunes we've built for you in the last year. We've been sneaking in a new song here and there at our recent shows, and the response has been exciting. We'll be trying to keep this album a bit lighter in tone, and we plan to record it live. Ambitious? Yes. Crazy? Perhaps. Fun?!!?....damn right! So, have a great summer, love on your loved ones from me, and for goodness sake.....send me some tequila....

Shane Tubbs