The Show begins.....

This is the Shane Tubbs Band.
Centered in the Golden Triangle area of Mississippi, raised in the country, washed in the blues, and saved by Jesus (and rock and roll), STB let's you feel it all. Their debut album, Welcome To The Show, is a ride you won't soon forget.

 Shane Tubbs
Born in Tuscaloosa, AL, Shane lived all around the south through childhood. Raised by a step-dad/DJ as a boy, Shane learned early to love all genres of music, and through his mother, how to sing along. Only in his 20's did he find a way to share the fun. With 10+years experience now, his band has headlined regional festivals, played live network TV, and now recently released their 1st record.

 The Band
Playing with Shane is only the latest in a long career of great music from the two band members. On percussion (and custom back-up vocals)....Shonda Williams.  With some of the sickest beats out there, 'Shawty' keeps these guys rolling! On bass, and normal back-up vocals, the great Ed Swan. Already known for his blues style, 'Cornbread' has found a new groove with STB that is a joy to hear....and SEE!

Keep up with the band here, on social media, or catch their live set, coming to a town near you.......y'all comin'?


Mean Eyed Cat, Hey Porter, Everywhere, Ole' 97, Folsom Prison, Doin' My Time, Big River, Cry cry cry, J.Cash

Smoke Ring Halo, Pray Enough, River of Sin, Two Places, Honey Jar, Stumbled In, Loaded, Lovin' Arms, Wood Brothers

All Hail, Ole' #7, Gracefully Facedown, Cheap Reward, Devil Makes 3

Poison Whiskey, One More Time, Mr. Banker, Mississippi Kid, Was I Right or Wrong, 
Honky Tonk Nighttime Man/Lynyrd Skynyrd

Roses, She, Crappie, One, Treehouse, Moonshine, Welcome to the Show, Miss, Gone, Caffinated Sugar, STB

Fire on the Mt./Marshall Tucker, Amy/Pure Prarie Leag., Sic M' On A Chicken, Fallin' in Love, The Wind/Zac Brown
Wagon Wheel, Cocaine, Darlin' Corey/Ole Crow Med.Show, Cheatin' Heart/Hank Sr., Amos Moses/Jerry Reed, 
Walk Softly, Daddy That'll Walk the Line/Kent.Headhunters, Stormy Monday, Melissa/Allman Bros., Fast as You, 
Turn it on, Turn it up/Dwight Yoakam, Seen it in Color, Lonesome Song/Jamey Johnson, Tennessee Whiskey, Might as
Well Get Stoned, Whiskey and You/Chris Stapelton, Women I've Never Had/Hank Jr., Never Even Called Me.., Family
Reunion/David Allen Coe, Highway Song/Blackfoot, Ice Cream Man/Van Halen, Hitchin' a Ride/Green Day, 
Bartender/Rehab, Gin and Juice/Snoop Dogg, Sweet Little Angel/BB King, Whoa Mule/Andy Griffith, Cold One, Smoke
a Little Smoke, Wreckin' Ball, Creepin'/Eric Church, Her Own Woman, Nervous Breakdown, Surfish,
Kentucky Jelly/Brad Paisley
Shoofly Pie/Wood Bros., Blue Eyes Cryin', Roll Me Up And Smoke Me/Willie Nelson, The Weight/The Band, Baby, Since
I Been Lovin' You/Led Zepplin, Uptown Funk/Bruno Mars......AND MANY, MANY MORE!